The Game has Changed

Last night, Harry Reid changed the game, or at least the motivation behind the game.  As many of you know, Reid invoked the nuclear option in the Senate, doing away with the filibuster.  It is now imperative, more than ever, that we elect a conservative majority to the Senate in 2012.

By changing the rules, preventing amendments after a filibuster, Harry Reid has broken the seal on changing rules in the future.  Further, he’s not getting taken to task for it that much in the media so far.  Therefore, Reid will be emboldened to change more rules, including ending the filibuster entirely.  This development has the potential to cause catastrophic results for the country.  Primarily, the issue of judges comes to the fore. 

Should Zero win re-election, he will likely have the opportunity to replace at least one, probably two, Supreme Court Justices.  One is Ginsburg, which would be replacing a liberal statist with a liberal statist.  The other is Kennedy.  While some on this board may not like Kennedy that much, he is much, much better than any nominee that Zero would replace him with.  Add to that, the belief in some legal circles that the next President will be able to appoint almost half of the Circuit Court judges, and you have a recipie for disaster if Zero wins and the statists retain control of the Senate.

So, while everyone is focused on the race for the GOP nomination, which we should be, let’s not lose focus on the Senate.  We have a remarkable opportunity to win the majority in the Senate next year.  We must pull out all the stops in order to ensure that we have a conservative Senate, conservative House and a conservative President.  If Obama and Reid are still controlling the path to the Federal Bench on January 20, 2013, the game is over and the constitution will have lost.