Why I Hope Sarah Palin Runs for President

In reading the blogs and news sites, there seems to be a buzz that, in deed, Sarah Palin is going to run for President.  While I do not know if I would ultimately support her in the primary process, I do hope that the rumblings are true and that Gov. Palin gets into this race.  I used to think Gov. Palin would best serve this process by remaining outside the primaries as a sort of king maker.  However, given her Iowa speech, I believe that, win or lose, she needs to be in these debates for the good of this country.

In her Iowa speech a few weeks ago, Gov. Palin (rightly) railed against the evils of crony capitalism, where the patrons of the priviliged few get to feed at the government trough without any real competition.  We see it now with Solyndra, LightSquared, General Electric and all of the other corporations that are in bed with the President.  However, if we are being honest with ourselves, we will admit that the same was true with Goldman Sachs and all of the other banks that got bailout money under TARP during the Bush Administration.

Again, being honest with ourselves, we should know that the time has come to put an end, once and for all, to crony capitalism (as much as possible anyway) by both party’s elites, for the good of the republic.  We simply cannot have government, under any administration, picking winners and losers within the market.  The only way America continues to be the greatest economic engine of freedom that the world has ever known is if we re-embrace the idea of the better mousetrap.  That can only happen if the government, and its several thousand tentacles, are removed from the economy as much as possible.  In order to accomplish this task, we must be the party/movement that puts an end to this practice and the corruption it breeds.

Again, I am not suggesting that, ultimately, Sarah Palin should be our nominee.  The truth is that, for all of her noble intentions, she quit as Alaska’s governor, mid-term.  I can forgive a lot, but quitting on your committment to the people is a tough pill to swallow in the voting booth.  That said, of all the candidates (or potential candidates) within the Republican primary, her and Michele Bachmann are the only ones to bring this issue up and, while I respect Rep. Bachmann a great deal, her credibility was damaged (if not destroyed) when she brought up any connection between guardisil and mental retardation.  Because of this, Rep. Bachmann cannot be the one to bring this issue to primacy.

I want Sarah Palin in this race because she will at least force the other candidates to deal with this issue straight up and the nominee, no matter who it is, will be that much stronger because of it in the general election.  Based on her record as governor of Alaska, she has the credibility to challenge the other candidates (including the President, were she to be the nominee) on this issue. If we are going to beat Obama, his union thugs and corporate masters, we must be better, cleaner and less corrupt than he and his administration.  By dealing with the issue of crony capitalism now, in our primary fight, we are more likely to weed out any candidates who may (and I emphasize the word “may”) have a problem separating themselves from the President on this issue.  So, for that reason, let me join the chorus and say Run, Sarah, Run!