Giving the Devil His Due

The Constitution of the United States gives the President of the United States the power to command the military forces of the United States.  Whether we like who is in the White House or not, every President has the Constitutional right to use the armed forces to protect our country and advance the national interests. 

When President Bush made the decision to remove Saddam Hussein from power, he had every Constitutional right to do so, whether or not Congress approved.  Granted, it is always advisable for a President to get Congressional approval prior to using military force, but it is not Constitutionally required.  After all, if a President dithers and something goes wrong as a result, it’s not on Congress but on the President.

Based on this principle, I must state that Obama has every right to intervene in Libya militarily, with or without Congressional approval.  The fact is that Qaddafi is a horrible individual and, had President Bush decided that he had to go along with Saddam Hussein, I likely would have been on board.  Thus, if I’m being consistent, I must applaud Obama’s decision to get rid of the dictator, if that is his decision (It would be nice if, instead of voting present, he would state what the goal of the mission is).  I believe that, as the world’s longest running democracy, we have an obligation to help other nations enjoy what we have been so blessed to have.

Don’t get me wrong, I dislike this President and despise the vast majority of his policies.  However, the Presidency and this country is more important than any one man-child, no matter how inept and incompetent he may be.  Therefore, to preserve the right of correct thinking Presidents who will follow (hopefully on January 20, 2013), we who care about national security and the ability of Commanders in Chief to respond accordingly must support and defend Obama’s ability to make this decision, even though we may ultimately disagree with his excuse for a foreign policy.  We owe it to future generations of Americans, who will have better Presidents than we do now, so that they may be free.