Throughout our history, when things have looked bleakest, leaders emerged to inspire the American People to action and victory over whatever adversary we faced.  In our nation’s infancy, when defeat was but a loss away, General Washington summoned all of his courage and led his troops to victory, ensuring that our nation would be free.

When our nation was fractured over the issue of slavery, to the point where it threatened our Union, President Lincoln stood up and led America through the Civil War and saved this nation.  When our nation was attacked at Pearl Harbor, President Roosevelt and Winston Churchill led the Allies in defeating the Axis powers and saving the world.

More recently, when faced with the Evil Empire and the threat of nuclear annihilation, President Reagan, Prime Minister Thatcher and Pope John Paul II led the world in defeating Soviet Communism and winning the Cold War.  Finally, when 19 Islamic Extremists flew planes into buildings, President Bush and Mayor Giuliani led our nation in its recovery and its response, allowing America to marshall its collective anger and punish those who would attack us.

Currently, our world is in trouble.  The rise of Chinese dominance, the resurgence of Russia’s influence over Eastern Europe, the on-going threat of Islamio-Facist Terrorism confront us abroad, while unsustainable debt threatens to cripple us at home.  Quite simply, our nation faces a crisis in leadership, the likes of which our beloved country has never seen.  Never has one person done so much damage to the United States in such a short period of time as Barack Obama.

Thus, I would submit that, as we approach the impending deluge of entrants into the 2012 Republican Presidential Primary, above all else we should place a premium on leadership.  Obviously, we want someone who is good on all of the issues: pro-life, pro-growth, etc.  However, more so than positions on issues, we need someone who will lead America in her great hour of need.  We have several potential candidates who may fill this need:  Herman Cain, Sarah Palin, Mitt Romney and others.  But, if we are to defeat Obama, we must insist that our nominee is the best leader in the field.  The one that inspires confidence not only through their ability to speak or their positions on issues, but through their moral clarity and sense of purpose.  Basically, a nominee who demonstrates the ideal that they want to be President, as John McCain once said, “in order to do something, not to be something.”  We must nominate a candidate who exudes leadership, so as to stand in stark contrast with Obama.  Otherwise, we just may end up with four more years of incompetence and apathy from the present occupant of the People’s House.  America simply cannot afford that.