Profiles in Cowardice: Mitch Daniels

In our next Republican nominee for President, I am looking to support someone who has the courage to stand up and fight when the moment calls for it.  George W. Bush, when faced with Islamic Terrorists, stood up and fought.  Ronald Reagan, when facing the Soviet Union, stood up and fought.  Hell, when Roosevelt and Churchill were faced with Naziism, they stood together and fought.  When I heard Mitch Daniels speak at CPAC and identify the national debt as the new Red Menace, I thought he might be the guy.  That here was someone who was willing to identify entitlements and other wasteful government spending, stand up and cut whatever was necessary, despite the opposition he might face.  We know now that he is not that guy.  He is no Reagan, he is no Bush, he is no Roosevelt and he is no Churchill.  He is a coward, plain and simple.  Stating that it was “not the right time” to address right to work in Indiana, he surrendered from a position of strength.  He engaged in an act of cowardice that makes Neville Chamberlain look like David Petreus.  In so doing, he violated his duty to the people of Indiana and left them open to the continuing plunder that the public sector unions will inflict.  Mitch Daniels may be a great numbers guy, but he is a coward.  After the last two years and the Carter Administration, I think we see what having a coward as President does for the country.  I do not yet know who I will support in the primary, but I know it will not be this pansy.