Kelly Ayotte May Face Challenger in NH Primary

Politico reports that Kelly Ayotte is likely to have a primary challenger in the race for Senator Gregg’s open Senate seat.

It’s easy to see why the National Republican Senatorial Committee is so enamored of Ayotte. She’s a youthful, female face in a party that has been criticized for not fielding a diverse crop of candidates. With deep New Hampshire roots and a law enforcement record that has drawn bipartisan praise during her five-year tenure, the 41-year-old Ayotte could prove to be a compelling alternative to the likely Democratic nominee, Rep. Paul Hodes (D-N.H.).

Indeed, to demonstrate its commitment behind her candidacy, the NRSC is even prepared to offer Ayotte its endorsement if she requests it.

Yet two credible GOP candidates — a former nominee for governor and a well-heeled businessman — have signaled that they’ll also pursue the nomination, and the state GOP chairman, John H. Sununu, is indicating that he’s not going to choose sides.

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