Win the Media Argument Counter O-Bots

I posted an exerpt from by book An Independent Call yesterday addressing the Palin VP Pick and her impressive convention speech that followed. I posted this same article at The Next Right, and the comments left were from anti-Palin folks.

Inadvertantly, they actually pointed out how Palin supporters need to be different than Obama supporters. The biggest favor online folks could do for Governor Palin or any conservative candidate is win the argument about media bias. O-bots in the election took the tact that ‘my guy is flawless and walks on water, your guy has horns and is responsible for all bad in the world.’ This style is still present in many blogs/comments. The reality is that when countering their argument with, ‘No my candidate is great – not yours,’ or trying to defend nasty alligations nothing gets accomplished.

The reality is the media hates Palin specifically and conservatives generally, and no individual will be able to defend the Governor from the onslaught of obsurd media and blog attacks. However, as a group we can win ‘the media sucks’ argument, because the facts are overwhelmingly on our side. The trick is to let the O-bot’s nastiness, and attempts to redirect the argument, roll off ones back. Be calm, levelheaded, and persistent, and bloggers/commenters could start impacting the way people view the media. Getting angry won’t achieve anything, but logic may. The biggest challenge to Republicans right now is the media. My plan is take a deep breath, keep the topic on media bias, and comment, comment, comment, and/or blog, blog, blog.