Immigration Reform

We need immigration reform however before any deal is drafted or agreed to we must first secure our border. I have put forth a plan of how to secure our borders.  My plan is we must build a new modern fence that keeps illegals out of our country and it makes it much harder for them to try to climb. Also my plan calls for an Immigration task force to be created that will help border patrol enforce our immigration laws at the border and in our country.  Also we need to send 20,000 national guard troops to our borders. 5,000 to the California-Mexico border. 5,000 to the Arizona border. 5,000 to the New Mexico border and 5,000 to the Texas border.


I believe in a immigration plan that doesn’t sound like amnesty. But this plan that the ” Gang of 8″ have put fourth sounds more like an amnesty plan. We cannot reward illegals. I say we need to go back to the drawing board and solve this in a proper way and create legislation that is comprehensive.

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