Be Smart

While November is quickly approaching, all I ask of you is to look at both candidates for both parties before making any quick decisions. A month ago I was pro Obama. How wrong I would’ve been to go out and vote for him. I realize now that John McCain is more in line with my beliefs, and I believe he’s more in line for what’s best for America. I’m not asking you to feel the same way I do, all I’m asking is for you to get educated. Read one article a day about each candidate. So that in November, you can make an informed decision… not a decision based on a party, race or gender. I think too many times, voters decide on their candidate based on reasons that cannot effect the way they will complete the tasks they will have on their plate as president. The real person is what will effect the way their job is performed. So please, *do your homework before voting in November. *I think that in the end you will come to the same conclusion as I did.

Anyone who votes “present” over 130 times while being a senator shouldn’t be responsible for key decisions that will either make or break this country. Nor anyone when asked when they believe the beginning of life starts at conception, and who answered with “it’s above my pay rate.” That my friends is a small decision Obama was asked to make and he couldn’t even give you his own opinion because he’s too worried about what others will think of him. That’s not the type of person we need in the White House. We need someone who will stand up for what’s right. And in my best opinion, after watching the entire Democratic National Convention and so far the entire Republican National Convention, reading numerous articles and news headings, and listening to many talk shows a day, I believe that John McCain is the best man for the job. Just search online a little, read a few articles a day, and you can make the informed decision for yourself. Just please, don’t vote for McCain just because he’s a male Republican and white nor vote for Obama because he’s a black male Democrat.

Be smart in November! Believe me, I work with people headed to foreclosure every single day and I see what the economy is currently doing to the entire nation. We need change and we need stability with those changes. And I believe McCain is the change AND stability the United States needs right now.