The real Harry Reid story. It's not about that kind of race.

The real Harry Reid story. It’s not about that kind of race.


Most of the media is pointing to the new campaign tell all book titled “Game Change” that mentions some statements about Barack Obama made by U.S. Senator Harry Reid (D – NV). Don’t fall for that one.

First and foremost so called “racial” statements do not count if you are a Democrat or one of Obama’s friends (see Rev. Wright). You can see that here when Obama called for Don Imus to be fired and here when he called for Trent Lott to be fired or here when he gave Reverend Wright a pass. So no it’s not about the usual Race cards.

This “race” story is about Harry Reid’s re-election race for the U.S. Senate. The race for Harry Reid’s Senate seat in 2010 is going to at best close as he has a 53% disaproval rating among voters. Story here. Reid is in trouble and the numbers show that fact everywhere.

In the last month we have seen a long time powerful democratic leader in the U.S. Senate, Chris Dodd, announce that he will retire as well as Byron Dorgan. Both were losing badly in the polls Story here.

Embattled Connecticut Sen. Chris Dodd was all but forced to quit, and North Dakota Sen. Byron Dorgan also ditched his re-election effort in the face of a difficult race. Dodd’s announcement Wednesday may actually save the Democrats’ hold on his seat — the party quickly recruited a stronger candidate — but Dorgan’s retirement may cost the party a seat in his Republican-leaning state. And that would mean the loss of a critical 60th vote in the Senate.

Dodd was about to lose an election – as in down in flames. His “retirement” gives the Democrats a fresh faced to run. The same goes for other races as well. Real Clear Politics has a breakdown of the recent poll numbers here for U.S. Senate elections.

So is the DNC’s political machine behind the big push in the media to talk about Reid’s statements? I say yes as they are prepping to push Harry Reid out once the Obamacare bill is passed. That bill still has too many backroom deals needed to get done so they can’t just dump the Senate Majority Leader – right now.

The Obama Chicago political machine is in charge now and Reid either doesn’t realize that he’s next on the chopping block. Maybe it’s just that he hopes for a bounce in the polls once Obamacare is passed and is out of the news. Either way he must realize that his polling numbers are very low and the machine can’t risk a lost U.S. Senate seat if they are to pass an amnesty bill in time for the 2012 election.

Democrats in Massachusetts have a plan in place to keep Scott Brown from getting to the U.S. Senate in time to vote on Obamacare if he wins. Story here. But legislation that will impact the 2012 election, such as amnesty and cap and trade, will require that other democrats in office get thrown under the bus to help Obama’s chances of not losing the Senate.

So yes the story of the day is about race – it’s just not the one the media is selling to you.


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