Distinguished people don't appear Fox News - but they do send them dirty diapers.

I have often wondered if others readers of Red State and other conservative websites wonder if they read too many websites on the right. I attempt at times to cover the as much of the political spectrum as I can. Although when I start reading left leaning websites I quickly come to miss the time, effort and polite discourse found by most bloggers on the right. Earlier this week I decided to vist The New Yorker and Democratic Underground as they had posts regarding Fox News. Here’s what I found:

First let’s start with The New Yorker:

Cable news “is not a distinguished venue for statesmen” per The New Yorker.


Louis Menand of The New Yorker holds his nose high in the air as he writes about Fox News. You can read his piece here if you would like some great insight as to what the New York elite think of news outlets in America and the people that watch them.

the majority of the ones who watched the most strident programs, such as Sean Hannity’s and Bill O’Reilly’s shows, were men. All that chesty fulminating apparently functions as political Cialis. Fox News shows should probably carry a warning: Contact your doctor if you have rage lasting more than four hours.

And don’t forget folks that Fox News is run by a man that helped Nixon:

In 1967, Ailes was a producer on “The Mike Douglas Show,” in Philadelphia, when he met Richard Nixon. Nixon had every reason, after his disastrous performance in the 1960 Presidential debates, to regard television with dread, but Ailes persuaded him otherwise. Ailes left “The Mike Douglas Show” to help Leonard Garment and others invent the New Nixon,

How ghastly – a newsman that worked with Republicans! Serious people should stay away:

Cable news, in short, is a sandbox. People throw things at one another, not just for fun but for profit. It is not a distinguished venue for statesmen or their surrogates to spend their time in.

I wonder if he really means stay away from MSNBC or CNN as well? And I think he glossed over their affiliations with Democratic administrations. And don’t even get me started with Stephanopoulos and ABC. Bill Clinton’s White House Chief of Staff taking over the most popular Sunday political show? Well why not – no problem there as we just witnessed with the New Yorker not even mentioning it at all in this piece regarding news shows. What a joke.

Maybe someone should point out to Louis Menand that viewers and readers across American are turning off ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN and MSNBC and canceling the NY Times because most Americans are tired of holding their noses while reading intellectually dishonest pieces like his article. 

Now on to the Democratic Underground:

Democratic Underground – mail baby feces to Fox News.

The Democratic Underground is piling it on deep with member hatred of Fox News. Here is one of the videos featured on their main page “Stick It in a Box and Send it to Fox”.

du nes

Video link here. (also found on YouTube)


What an amazing campaign. Is this their idea of logic? Political discourse? A joke?  Who knows and if these guys love State Run Media that much then why not move to Cuba? Socialist Paradise and everything a leftist could want. That would have been a far better video – Stick Yourself in a Box and mail yourself to Castro’s Cuba.