Rudy Giuliani and his wife stand up to crazed man on street. More liberals showing that diverse thought is not part of their world.

Rudy Giuliani and his wife stand up to crazed man on street. Just one week after Code Pink jumps in the face of Donald Rumsfeld and his wife.

 Rudy and Judi Giuliani     

More diversity and understanding from liberals. Something tells me that this man never picked up a newspaper in the 1980’s.  Did this guy really think that Giuliani was going to back down? Giuliani was a prosecuting attorney that mob boss John Gotti ordered to be killed. Back down to some guy on the street? Not likely. The New York Post reports on the confrontation on the street here.

Former Mayor Rudy Giuliani didn’t blink today when a surly passer-by threatened to knock his lights out as Rudy strolled with wife Judi in the Hamptons, challenging the wacko to “do it!”

A “slim, well-dressed man” came charging out of nowhere and began ranting at the happy couple as they left an arts fair in Bridgehampton at 1:30 p.m., according to patrons sitting outside the nearby Golden Pear bakery on Main Street.

“I’m gonna punch your lights out,” the suspect — identified as John McCluskey, 69 — repeatedly yelled at Giuliani, startling Judi, the witnesses said.

This takes place just one week after some Code Pink protestors jumped in the face of Donald Rumsfeld and his wife outside the Washington Correspondents dinner. Story here. Not surprising though. They join Ann Coulter, Bill Kristol, Thomas Friedman, and the Minuteman Project directors as those attacked in public.

Videos of Republicans attacked while in public or speeking at Universities here.