Alan Keyes and a priest arrested at Notre Dame protest. 'Roe' speaks in South Bend against Obama. Plans to get arrested as well.

Alan Keyes and a priest arrested at Notre Dame protest. ‘Roe’ speaks in South Bend against Obama. Plans to get arrested as well.


Every one of us should be there supporting Alan Keyes. Full story here.

SOUTH BEND, Ind. – Former Republican presidential hopeful Alan Keyes, a Roman Catholic priest and 19 others were arrested Friday after marching onto the University of Notre Dame campus to protest President Barack Obama’s planned commencement speech.

The arrests marked the third straight Friday that protesters have been detained. They are angry about the school’s decision to give Obama, who supports abortion rights and embryonic stem-cell research, an honorary degree and have him speak at Sunday’s commencement.

“Notre Dame is arresting a priest,” the Rev. Norman Weslin, founder of the Lambs of Christ abortion protest group, said as Notre Dame security personnel put plastic restraints on his wrists Friday. “Why are you arresting a priest for trying to stop the killing of a baby? You’ve got it all backward.”

UPDATE: Norma McCorvey will join the protest at Notre Dame. The South Bend Tribune reports here.

SOUTH BEND — Norma McCorvey, a primary figure in the controversial court case Roe v. Wade, threw her support Friday behind those protesting President Barack Obama’s invitation to speak at Notre Dame.
In what was advertised as a speech but quickly turned into a Q&A between McCorvey and anti-abortion activist Randall Terry, the former pro-choice advocate, a woman of few words, wasted not a one, delivering caustic one-liners to a crowd of several dozen pro-life activists gathered at the State Theatre in downtown South Bend.
Asked her opinion of The Most Rev. John D’Arcy, bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend, she said he needed to “get up off his behind and do something” to prevent Obama from speaking at Sunday’s commencement.

And of Obama’s travel plans, “I hope he runs out of jet fuel,” she said.
McCorvey said she could not understand “why a Catholic school would call and ask Mr. Obama to speak at commencement exercises. I just can’t fathom that.”


It appears that Norma is going all in as well on this one. Good for her:

The 61-year-old said she plans to protest on campus today and get arrested.
McCorvey was the plaintiff “Jane Roe” in Roe v. Wade, the controversial 1973 Supreme Court case that legalized abortion nationwide. At the time she was in her early 20s and pregnant with her third child.
For many years following the court decision, she continued to fight for abortion rights, but switched sides and joined the pro-life movement in the mid-1990s after converting to Christianity and then Catholicism.

She will be joining pro-life groups protesting Barack Obama’s speech on Sunday.