Universities Gone Wild! Top schools assign boys and girls to live in same dorm rooms.


Universities Gone Wild! Top schools assign boys and girls to live in same dorm rooms.

How about finding out that the university your daughter attends assigned a boy as a roommate – on purpose? Karin Morin reports at the National Review Online. Full story here.

If sharing a bedroom with a student of the opposite sex is not your idea of appropriate college housing for your son or daughter, beware. The college or university to which you have just sent a deposit may have other ideas.
“Poor Maria,” I said to my husband. We were reading the paper at the breakfast table during Christmas week.
“What’s up?” he asked.
“The University of Chicago has sent a letter to parents announcing that they’ll allow men and women to room together next year — and they won’t necessarily be informing parents about their children’s room arrangements.” My friend Maria has a child at the University of Chicago.

Here’s what Stanford has to say on their website:

According to the Stanford website, in order to create a more welcoming atmosphere for transgender and homosexual students, a “pilot program” for “gender neutral housing” has been implemented for this academic year.
“The Gender Neutral option will be available in four diverse upperclass undergraduate residences.”
“These residences were chosen . . . [because they] have rooms available which allow each gender roommate to have a separate private sleeping space.”
“Students must state that they commit to the gender neutral rooming option.”
“Students must have a specific roommate or roommates in mind prior to the in house draw.”
“Students will not be matched with a random opposite gender roommate through this process.”

So it appears that at Stanford you will not get a random person assigned to your room. But as long as a student approves of the assigned person of the opposite sex then it’s OK. My guess is that they now have a lot of live in boyfriends and girlfriends at Stanford. Who knows – maybe the school gets a cut of all of the birth control pills sold at the university clinic.