Obama quietly disarms America's bomber force. Buys the world a Coke.


Obama quietly disarms America’s bomber force. Buys the world a Coke.


From Death By 1000 Papercuts. Full story here.

The Air Force was in the process of finally upgrading its long-range heavy bomber, the B-52 with a new platform. Dubbed the New Generation Bomber (NGB), the aircraft was to be a subsonic and stealthy, incorporating many features developed for other Air Force aircraft. It was expected to be fielded as early as 2018 because of the use of existing technology. In anticipation, the Air Force has stopped upgrading its old B-52s, and is planning a staged retirement.

Obama, by administrative order, appears to have stopped development of the NGB, while allowing the cycle down of the B-52s. The rationale behind this is so dubious as to be absurd. It appears that Obama demanded development of the bomber to be stopped because it would potentially be counted as a launch platform in his silly and unnecessary nuclear negotiations with the Russians so he unilaterally made sure that our country would be saddled with an aging bomber fleet of decreasing effectiveness while he pursued his feckless discussions with Putin.

So the Russians jovially reciprocated, right? Well not quite.

The Russians continue to upgrade the Tu-160 strategic bomber and acquire them at a rate of 1 per year. The Tu-160 is a sort of knock-off of the American B1-A, but much larger, with a longer range wand a bigger payload. Democrats halted production of the American version as soon as they had the votes.

Oh. And it must be just coincidence that, within days of Obama quietly announcing the destruction of the third arm of American retaliatory nuclear policy, that Russia did just the opposite.

I’d like to buy a world a Coke and furnish it with love..sing it with me….