NBC writers agree with Rush Limbaugh's statement on how wealthy people got their money.


NBC writers agree with Rush Limbaugh’s statement on how wealthy people got their money.

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Millions of Americans tuned last week to watch the Series Finale of ER. I’m not someone that watches this TV show but I did catch an interesting part of this final episode. One of ER’s main characters is Dr. Carter. The background of this character is that he comes from a wealthy family that didn’t like that he decided to work in an inner-city public hospital. In ER’s final episode Carter has used his family’s fortune to build an inner-city medical center.

Before we go back to Carter’s lines in the episode let’s take a look a something Rush Limbaugh has spoken of many times. On March 5th, 2009 Rush, in talking about what he believes to be mindset of the American left and Obama regarding wealthy Americans, Rush says:

I really believe he thinks it’s time that the rightful owners of the wealth, the people who have had all this wealth stolen from them and transferred to all these evil rich people, it’s about time they got their money back.

So according to Rush the American left with Obama as their leader believes that anyone that is wealthy must have become so by stealing from or cheating  hard working people. Now back to Carter’s lines in ER.

I’ll set this scene which occurs about 20 minutes into the show. Carter is giving a tour of a hospital that he built to some of his fellow co-workers. While walking through this hospital built using his family’s money the other doctors start to ask how he plans to pay for future costs. One of doctors then says “I knew that you were rich but not this rich” as they inquire about how he paid for the construction of the facility. Carter, played by actor Noah Wyle, responds to the question with the following statement: “The ill begotten gains of my Carter forefathers put to good use.” Another doctor then asks him “Redemption?” Carter responds “Maybe so.”




Now that is an interesting set of statements from a wealthy doctor. His character spent nearly 15 years on this TV show working the ER of a public hospital. But somehow that just isn’t good enough. He believes that he is rich only because his forefathers somehow cheated the world to get their money. So to earn redemption he must give away his family fortune by building a hospital.






I think everyone agrees with the idea of making donations to a worthy cause. But it appears NBC turned this character into more of a political message then a generous doctor. Of course this is the same network that employees Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow. So mixing in one sided political messages is something of old hat regardless of the nature of the show.