San Francisco crowd chants “jail the rich” as marching dog protests Israel.


San Francisco crowd chants “jail the rich” as marching dog protests Israel.

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The San Francisco Chronicle covered a protest over the weekend. Full story here. It appears Code Pink was there and the crowd was a little more openly communist than usual as they chanted :

“Jail the rich, bail out the poor, stop the foreclosures, stop the war.”

Now I’m not sure that anyone in San Francisco bothered to point out to the protesters that if they jailed all of the “rich” then just who is going to bail out the poor? The government can’t tax the “rich” if they are in jail so I’m not really sure who the protesters expect will be around to pick up the tab. Small details I guess.

Israel was also apparently on the minds of the protesters:

Richard Ivanhoe and Cathy Bellin of San Francisco enjoyed the protest from a metal table at Justin Herman Plaza, taking in the “1, 2, 3, 4, we don’t want your racist war” chants while snacking on blueberry muffins and coffee.

So is it racist when Shiites suicide bomb non-Shiite Iraqis,Americans,Brits etc? Or once again is that just another small detail that the onlookers missed. But it wasn’t all about Iraq this time as Israel was a target of this protest as well.

A black-and-white dog named Olive attempted to carry a sign reading “Stop U.S. Aid to Israel” in her teeth – and when she wasn’t carrying the sign, she was chewing on it. “She’s definitely anti-war,” said her owner, Christina Susana.

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So it appears that the anti-war dog demographic was represented among the protesters.  They were joined by humans as well as they carried PLO flags and members of Code Pink pointed out:

Members of the anti-war group Code Pink were there, handing out hot-pink stickers reading “Make out, not war” with lipstick prints on them. Gabrielle Faith, 23, wore a handmade pink tutu over her jeans and said Code Pink’s message wasn’t about one particular war.

“It’s about humanity – the women, children and innocent people who are dying,” she said.



So I guess by “women,children and innocent people” she doesn’t mean Israeli women and children that have suicide bombers and rockets hurled at them by Hamas and the PLO. Once again just some small details that someone in the crowd could have pointed out.

Then again I don’t think anyone around that day would have thought to protest anything but George Bush or Republicans. As Bruce Yurgil, a cartoonist from San Rafael, pointed out to the San Francisco Chronicle reporter:

“It’s no fun being a cartoonist these days,” he said. “The only person I can make fun of anymore is Rush Limbaugh.”

I guess Bruce must have missed TARP 1,2 &3, Porkulus, AIG, the visit of the British PM, tax evading cabinet members, 9,000 earmarks etc. Once again – small details.