Name that Party (Dodd Edition). NY Times edits out party of Chris Dodd.


Name that Party (Dodd Edition) from Powerlineblog.


Todd Heisler/The New York Times. Senator Christopher J. Dodd at a Senate Banking Committee hearing on Thursday.

Via Powerlingblog:

The New York Times runs a long story on Senator Christopher Dodd’s crashing reputation among Connecticut voters without once mentioning that Dodd is a, well, you know what. The Times does note that Connecticut is a heavily Democratic state. It does mention that Dodd was “once known for championing populist initiatives like the 1993 Family Leave Act” (!). It does identify some of those interviewed for the story as, well, you know what, but never Senator Dodd himself. And it also mentions that “the firestorm has encouraged Republicans.”

Those who can draw inferences will be able to name that party!

Via reader Cliff Stockdill.

Does the NY Times edit out an officeholders party if that person is a Democrat? I went to the NY Times website and searched for the word “Senator”. Here are the articles listed on the first page of results for stories relating to U.S. Senators.


He is not happy that financial firms bailed out by the government are paying bonuses to their executives. And he does not understand why one of his senators, Christopher Dodd, allowed it to happen.


Senator Bernard Sanders, the Vermont independent, said plainly to Mr. Geithner, “If an organization is too big to fail, it is too big to exist.”



The lawmaker, Senator Charles E. Grassley, Republican of Iowa


“Are we starting right now investigations to say, ‘Sorry, Bank of America; sorry, Citigroup; sorry the A.I.G.’s of the world, we no longer can sustain institutions that are just so large that they can create so much damage if they failed?’” Mr. Sanders asked Mr. Geithner.


          By Kate Phillips

Senator Patrick Leahy, chairman of the Judiciary Committee


          By Kate Phillips

But none perhaps were as severe as remarks made by Senator Charles E. Grassley, Republican of Iowa, who demanded that American corporations adopt some of the ways of societies like Japan, where leaders — when shamed — may publicly express deep regret or commit suicide


          By Kate Phillips

But none perhaps were as severe as remarks made by Senator Charles Grassley, Republican of Iowa, yesterday (and again today), as he demanded that American corporations adopt some of the ways of societies like the Japanese, whose executives — when shamed — may commit suicide or publicly express deep regret.


          By Bernie Becker

Senator Jim Bunning of Kentucky seems to be in a months-long feud with fellow Republicans over his re-election.


           By DUFF WILSON

Senator Charles E. Grassley on Tuesday asked the drug maker Pfizer to provide details of its payments to at least 149 faculty members at Harvard Medical School. The senator, an Iowa Republican…


Well out of 9 total stores we have:

  • 2 stories on Democrats – neither identified as such.
  • 2 stories on Independents – 1 story indentified him as such the other did not.
  • 5 stories on Republicans – ALL 5 stories did identified them as Republicans.

Maybe someone can do a more in depth search of the NY Times but I think the numbers speak for themselves.