AIG Executive loves Che Guevara?


American Thinker: AIG Exec Digs Che Guevara?


The gentleman in the center of the picture is Gerry Pasciucco,head the AIG Financial Products unit, and apparently a fan of Che Guevara. The picture is from a June 6, 2008 party in Belle Haven. 

Is his decision to wear that shirt a joke? Is one of the top men of one of the worlds largest financial companies really a fan of a rabid communist that wanted to nuke New York City? A man that liked to have people shot without a trial?  Here’s a great quote from Che.

“To send men to the firing squad, judicial proof is unnecessary…These procedures are an archaic bourgeois detail. This is a revolution! And a revolutionary must become a cold killing machine motivated by pure hate. We must create the pedagogy of the The Wall! (El Paredón)” –Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara

Then again Che did take over the as the Minister of Industries and ran the Cuban economy into the ground. So there is a lot of common ground there I guess.

I wonder what kind of “retention bonus” Che would have given him? Oh yes – a bullet to the head for running a capitalist company.

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