Bill Maher: "The Racism is Coming from Rush Limbaugh"

Bill Maher: “The Racism is Coming from Rush Limbaugh”

That’s what the man said. Newsbusters has the full story here. 

Did you know that the racism in our country is coming from Rush Limbaugh?

That’s what HBO’s Bill Maher said on Friday’s “Real Time.”

Not just that, but also the people who are buying guns and ammunition since Election Day are doing so “because they’re afraid that Obama and his Negro army are going to come and get” them.

Andrew Breitbart then forcefully pointed out that Rush Limbaugh is one of the most vocal supports of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. The audience laughed at him. Maher thanked the audience for their laughter.

Comments are in the following exchange between Bill Maher and Andrew Breitbart in the video at 2:37.