State of Connecticut moves to take over finances of Catholic churches.


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State of Connecticut moves to take over finances of Catholic churches.

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That’s correct – a bill introduced by Connecticut House of Representatives Andrew McDonald and Michael Lawlor is now a hot topic among Catholics. It should also make the rounds of every church in the country. The Connecticut Post’s full story is linked here.  They report:

Saying it would undercut the Catholic Church’s financial hierarchy, the state’s bishops on Sunday urged parishioners to fight a proposed state law that would allow them to control their individual parish’s financial affairs.

The bill, introduced last Thursday by the Legislature’s Judiciary Committee — chaired by Sen. Andrew J. McDonald, D-Stamford, and Rep. Michael Lawlor, D-East Haven — caught many Catholics by surprise, who first heard about it during weekend Masses.

So what is the reasoning behind this law and how did this all start? The Post continues:

But McDonald said the bill did no such thing. He emphasized that any parish wishing to could leave its affairs under diocesan control. The measure also leaves to bishops and priests “matters pertaining exclusively to religious tenets and practices.”

According to McDonald, the immediate impetus behind the bill was what he called the worst case of financial mismanagement in a Connecticut Catholic parish, in which a priest in Darien was convicted of stealing up to $1.4 million from lay donations, as well as another investigation in Greenwich. He said he was asked by his constituents, who felt victimized by the events at St. John Church in Darien, as well as other Catholic faithful throughout the diocese who want to see more “transparency” relating to the funds they contribute.

There are so many things wrong with this reasoning that I’m not sure where to start.  Oh yes – this is a private organization that is specifically protected by the Constitution of the United States of America. 

What’s next in this Marxists government can fix anything fantasy fest? Should the Cub Scouts hand over their accounts as well? Maybe the next community bake sale should include a committee comprised of State employees. 

Would anyone reading this story want to lay odds on the Connecticut state legislature having the guts to demand such rights over Mosques? Yeah right. Why would they bother when The State of Minnesota is busy buying and selling homes to help comply with Islamic law? And I doubt the ACLU will rise to stand against the intrusions by either legislature.