Obama shocked that reporter from NY Times asked him if he is a socialist - Obama too afraid to quack.

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Obama shocked that reporter from NY Times asked him if he is a socialist – Obama too afraid to quack.


I love the one where Daffy Duck puts on the rabbit gear and claims he’s a rabbit and says it’s really duck season.

Apparently Barack “Porkulus” Obama was shocked that a reporter asked him if he was a socialist. I’m not lying – you can’t make up stuff like this as The Washington Times reports here.

President Obama was so concerned that he had appeared to dismiss a question from New York Times reporters about whether he was a socialist that he called the newspaper from the Oval Office to clarify his policies.

“It was hard for me to believe that you were entirely serious about that socialist question,” he told reporters, who had interviewed the president aboard Air Force One on Friday.

Note to the kool-aid drinking leftists out there. The NY Times reporter tried to jump in and save him.

“Is there anything wrong with saying, ‘Yes’?” a Times reporter pressed.

Now I think the reporters question should pretty much end any debate as to which side of the Iron Curtain the New York Times purchases its ink. But I digress. 

Now back to Comrade Porkulus. Here’s how Obama tries to put the question to bed.

“Let’s just take a look at what we’ve done,” Obama said, ticking off efforts his administration has made to stabilize the economy. But he acknowledged that, as he told Joe the Plumber, he plans to try to spread the wealth around.

“If you look on the revenue side what we’re proposing, what we’re looking at is essentially to go back to the tax rates that existed during the 1990s when, as I recall, rich people were doing very well. In fact everybody was doing very well. . . . We said that we’d give a tax cut to 95 percent of working Americans. That’s exactly what we have done.”

Wow – what a brilliant answer. He attempts to argue that his administration’s call to take control over banks, the health care system, payroll decisions for private citizens, radio station content etc is NOT the actions of a socialist. I won’t touch the whole tax cut for 95% of taxpayers comment. Oh wait – did anyone else note that it changed from “taxpayers” to “working Americans.”

I think it’s clear that Obama’s belief system should lay to rest which side of the Iron Curtain his Ivy League professors bought the chalk for their chalkboards.

In the end I had to read this story twice before it hit me. This is really like hearing about a street pusher telling a heroin kingpin that he’s really not pushing a horrible narcotic that ruins peoples lives.  But rather he is in fact just a pharmaceutical executive delivering products that help people – and why would anyone shy away from that image.

I think that if it has web feet, talks like a duck, walks like a duck and swims like a duck then it’s a duck. And for the love of God will someone please tell the GOP leadership that it’s duck season.