Not a free choice: Union card check (EFCA) to be introduced to Congress tomorrow

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The Employee Free Choice Act will be proposed in both houses of Congress tomorrow. Via David Freddoso at NRO’s The Corner, and his excellent full NRO article, as well.

And passage looks likely. It’s not really a question in the House, which passed the EFCA two years ago (the measure failed to secure the 60 Senate votes needed for cloture), before the most recent election gave the Democrats more seats. President Obama supports card check and will sign it. The only hope is the Senate, but if Al Franken wins the election challenge in Minnesota, the Democrats will have 59 senators — one shy of what is needed (assuming no Democrats defect).
That one crucial vote could be Sen. Arlen Specter (Pa.), the only Republican to cross party lines and vote for the EFCA in 2007.

Specter is already receiving pressure from union leaders to repeat his performance, but now he is also receiving pressure from the right. Former congressman Pat Toomey is discussing a possible primary challenge next spring, and Specter’s poll numbers are in dire shape with Republicans. Furthermore, 81 percent of Pennsylvania Republicans say they are less likely to support a candidate who backs the bill.

Toomey is giving the former Philadelphia prosecutor some incentive to help protect workers’ rights to privacy, and to prevent businesses from being overwhelmed by newly empowered union bosses. Much rides on whether that incentive is sufficient.

Go, Pat, go!

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