FaceBook, Bury Brigades and The Fairness Doctrine. Coming together silence conservative speech

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FaceBook, Bury Brigades and The Fairness Doctrine. Coming together silence conservative speech.

Blue Collar Muse has a good story regarding Facebook cancelling an anti-stimulus ad. If you’re a more tech savy person that uses Facebook or Digg you’ll understand what he’s talking about.  You should jump ahead and read the entire story here.

For those of you who don’t use Facebook or Digg I’ll cover some basics for you.  Facebook is a huge online social networking website.  Individuals can create their own “page” that contains photos of themselves, lists of movies they like and a message board about what is going on in their life right now etc.  The pages are viewable by anyone on your “Friends list” on Facebook.  It’s a free service so they make their money selling ad space on one side of each page.  Some of those ads are for political issues/campaigns while others are for anything under the sun.

Users can become a “fan” of a group that loves some candidate or join a group that hates the same candidate.  Anything from being a fan of Burger King to  Elvis.  If it exists then there’s a love it or hate it group you can join.   That is until Facebook decided to cancel a group, nostimulus.com,  that stands against the current stimulus plan that is under debate in Washington.

It appears that Facebook  took the ad down due to complaints from Facebook users.  Now that seems odd since ads are shown on your page based on demographics or if one of your friends sends you an invitation.

Blue Collar Muse believes that Bury Brigades may have formed on Facebook.  What are Bury Brigades?  Wired Magizine has a good article on them here.  There’s also another good story about it here.

Bury Brigades are an online version of The Fairness Doctrine.  They exist to make sure that conservative view points are not seen on a website called Digg.com.  Digg is a website in which users can send stories found on the internet relating to anything.  Movies, books, clothing, politics, sports etc. Once the story is on the Digg website everyone can see the story title and either “Digg” or “Bury” the story.  Digg means you like the story and Bury means you hate the story.  The more people that Digg the story the higher the story goes on the list of stories.  Too many “Bury” votes and the story is pushed to the bottom and quickly forgotten.

This is where the Bury Brigades come into the story.  Digg users posting articles that some people would consider conservative in view point found their article getting tons of “Bury” votes.  I think everyone should the picture by now.

The sad part is that both websites are brilliant in concept.  They are both free services and as such the free market of ideas should reign.  I think those are main reasons why they are so popular.  Just as talk radio has become popular in the last twenty years.  The best products are supported by the people that use them.  Unfortunately though it seems that members of the party of “tolerance” and “diversity” have shown the world that such concepts are the last thing on their mind.  Whether it’s members of the DNC pushing The Fairness Doctrine to silence conservative talk radio, Bury Brigades on Digg and now Facebook the American left wants no voice other than their own seen or heard.