Chavez denounces new plot before Venezuela vote.

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Chavez denounces new plot before Venezuela vote.

Chavez & Hollywood

A plot against Chavez! Who could guessed such an event!  Oh – we did back on February 9th. You can read our old story here. So what’s going on in Venezuela now? A vote to extend his ability to remain dictator I mean “run” for office again. You can catch the Reuters story here.

CARACAS (Reuters) – Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez denounced a new plot against him just days before a referendum on allowing him to seek re-election, although many voters are likely to be skeptical.

Chavez, who once led a failed coup and was briefly ousted himself in a coup after he been voted into office, frequently tells of plots to oust him in the OPEC nation, without producing much evidence, before a national vote.

The Cuba ally invariably says the plot is directed from the United States and backed by the opposition.

That’s right folks it’s a new plot!  Maybe someone was able to sneak in an “overthrow Chavez budget” in the stimulus plan. Of course it’s far more likely that Pelosi, Reid and Obama put money in Porkulus to support Chavez. But since Chavez has already instituted The Fairness Doctrine in his country I doubt there is anyone around to point thought out to him.