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While I earnestly wish for President Obama to escape his leftist bubble I certainly applaud this sentiment:

President Barack Obama said Tuesday that getting out of Washington, D.C., and hearing from the people reminds him how important his job is and, therefore, vowed to leave the nation’s capital once a week.

Obama’s remarks came during an interview with ABC’s “Nightline,” which followed him to Fort Myers, Fla., for his town hall on the economic stimulus package currently being debated in Congress.

“When you hear directly from a contractor whose losing business, or a woman who is living in her car, then it reminds you what this work is about,” the president said. “Sometimes when you’re in Washington, it’s all about keeping score, what are the cable stations saying, what’s happening on this vote or that vote and you forget this is why we’re supposed to be doing this stuff.”

Obama added that the Washington “bubble is powerful” and said he hopes to leave D.C. “at least once a week…just to remind everybody, myself included, that these are the folks that we’re working for.”

How about a roaming capitol? The POTUS will now live in the White Winnebago instead of the White House. Each week the White Winnebago will travel to a new city – one of, say, a population that is greater than 10,000 inhabitants and less than 2,000,000 – cities to be selected at random, within 1,000 miles of the previous city. Oh, and the POTUS has to do a nominal share at the wheel, and hold at least one town hall meeting in each city (no VIPs or stacking the deck).

I’d even support a taxpayer backed hybrid Winnebago for this plan.

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Cross posted to The Political Class.

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