Iran 2, Obama 0. Ahmadinejad aces Obama on second serve.

Does badminton have aces on serves?  I’m not sure but either way the Iranians just went up 2 to 0 on the Obama administration.  As Fox News reports here:

WASHINGTON — The United States on Wednesday expressed disappointment with Iran’s refusal to issue visas for an American badminton team and said it did not bode well for possible similar outreach programs in the future.

As the Obama administration continues with a broad review of U.S. policy on Iran that may include the appointment of a special envoy and direct contacts with Iranian officials, the State Department said Tehran’s batdown of what some have termed “shuttlecock diplomacy” was troubling.

This is troubling on two fronts.  First, it appears that the Iranians now believe that the U.S. has elected the biggest punching bag since Jimmy Carter.  So they’re going to pull this kind of stunt at every opportunity. 

Second, who in the U.S. State Department believes that badminton tournaments will get us anywhere?  The Iranians have promised to nuke Israel at the first opportunity and have marched to the chant of “Death to America” in their capital on every Friday for the last thirty years. 

It looks like their team is preparing to lob nukes at Israel and the United States.  Our State Department spends time planning  ways to lob badminton teams at them.  Advantage Iran.