Obama, Soros and Bill Ayers versus Rush Limbaugh. Economic Teach-ins and Hollywood style campaigns headed toward a house near you.


Obama, Soros and Bill Ayers versus Rush Limbaugh. Economic Teach-ins and Hollywood style campaigns headed toward a house near you.

rush v obama

Army of Obama:  People of America – do not listen to Limbaugh! Step aside and accept our rule.

Limbaugh:  America – stand firm and do not allow this Porkulus plan to pass.

Army of Obama:  Step aside Rushites.  For Soros, the god of the left, has so much money that he can block out the sun with an advertising campaign against you!

Leonidis Limbaugh: Then we shall fight in the shade.


Or at least that’s what the last week, and for that matter maybe the next few, have shaped up as the battle lines were drawn over the stimulus bill.  After Barack Obama anointed Rush Limbaugh as the head of the Republican Party the two have fought skirmishes via newsrooms, editorial boards, the airwaves and the blogosphere.

Some readers may think Leonidis too flattering a comparison to Rush’s stand this last week.  But I shall stand firm on my view of the battle to date.  History just might repeat itself but to what end we do not know.  

As it stands now The Army of Obama includes George Soros, owner of the Democratic Party, every newsroom (except Fox), liberal newspapers, and a Bill Ayers type citizen “Teach-in” program on the horizon. 

I think we all know the usual suspects that stand against Rush in the newsrooms and newspapers.  But you will now see a large advertising blitz now funded by Americans United for Change

The script:

“Every Republican member of the House chose to take Rush Limbaugh’s advice,” says the narrator after playing the conservative talk radio giant’s declaration that he hopes Obama “fails.”

“Every Republican voted with Limbaugh — and against creating 4 million new American jobs. We can understand why a extreme partisan like Rush Limbaugh wants President Obama’s Jobs program to fail — but the members of Congress elected to represent the citizens in their districts? …

Now who is Americans United for Change?  They are a group run by Brad Woodhouse and part of a larger network call “Change American Now” or “C.A.N.”  Both organizations work out of the same building in Washington, D.C.  C.A.N. was created by the Media Fund which is led by Harold M. Ickes.  The Media Fund is partnered up with Americans Coming Together and The Joint Victory Campaign 2004.  Those two groups received over $14 million in contributions directly from George Soros.  You can see the list of his contributions here.  I think you can connect the dots.

So the average American that’s busy working and raising a family will hear radio and TV commercials aimed against Rush, read similar stories from editors of newspapers and of course see the MSM talking heads parrot those same attacks .  But they’ll also start to get invitations to their neighbor’s homes to talk about supporting Obama’s plan. 

Now I have no evidence to date that Bill Ayers is involved but the L.A. Times reports “Obama turns to email network to push stimulus plan” – but here’s what the plan entails.

Democratic strategists are appealing for help from President Obama’s massive grass-roots network, which was created during the presidential campaign, as they try to build support for the president’s economic stimulus package.

The strategists on Friday called on supporters to host “economic recovery house meetings” next weekend, marking the first call to action for the network in support of the White House policy agenda.

That pretty much sounds like a “Teach-In” to me.  Now who started the “Teach-in” fad?  Oh yes it was The Students for a Democratic Society.  Wikipedia gives them quick credit for the “Teach-in.”  And for the readers that don’t know Bill Ayers was a leader of the Weathermen.  The Weathermen was a domestic terrorist group that split off from the Students for a Democratic Society.  They planted bombs in police stations, preached the death of the capitalism and planned the death of 25 million Americans. 

So with that in mind we have the table of organization for The Army of Obama.  It is a series of groups tied to or in partner with George Soros funded organizations, the MSM TV talking heads as well as our usual news paper editors.  Who shall stop them?

Standing in-between that army and the American taxpayer is Rush “Leonidis” Limbaugh.  His three hour radio program, other conservative radio talk show hosts, a few news analysts at Fox News, a network of bloggers and you.  Is that enough to stop The Army of Obama and their Porkulus plan?  We shall see.