Schumer on Gillibrand: "Her views will evolve"

Newly minted New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand may have some pressure coming her way from Senate Democrats:

One of the funny sidelights of the Gillibrand appointment in New York has been the straightforward expectation from senior Democrats that she will promptly shed the conservative positions she adopted for her conservative congressional district.

“Her views will evolve,” Chuck Schumer offered, bluntly, as she stood next to him at a press conference, noting his own evolutionary embrace of agricultural subsidies when his district expanded beyond Brooklyn.

Today, David Paterson offered his expectation that Gillibrand will “review some of the points of view that she has, as they apply to her new constituency.”

Gillibrand holds some positions that do not follow the mainstream of the Democrat Party, including support of gun rights and opposition to illegal immigration and amnesty. She also is not in favor of the current stimulus plan being bandied about Congress and The White House. How long before her views “evolve?” My money says by the end of April.

Ben Smith’s Blog: Dept. of evolution – Politico.com