Obama, and the Future to Conservatism

From what I have seen and read so far, it seems that the Obama administration is going for a center-left approach. This would make sense as it would sure up all liberals and some conservatives plus those uninformed or voting for a historical marker in terms of race. I do, however, have a fear that no matter how centrist Obama tries to be, that there will be some sort of attempt to assasinate him. The sad thing is that if this attempt were to occur, what would happen to the conservative movement?

The public would be more than likely to assume it was from some racist. And since the Republican party lost this election, the public would equally be more likely to assume an assasination success or failure was from someone who held ideals of the losing party. Therefor, can we not assume further destruction of the GOP from racists with whom we do do not share values with? Afterall, it was the Republican party that took a harsh stand against slavery. However, history isn’t so forgiving to the ignorant or misguided masses.

It took years after the Civil War for the South to trust the Republicans on issues of concern to them, such as values. Now that the South has virtually switched to conservative ideals, our party carries a double-edged sword. Yes, maybe the South isn’t as racist as it was, but if someone who is black gets assasinated who is responsible? The Republican party has always been the party of what is morally right. We can’t let the potential of an assasination destroy what we stand for…