Obama's Change Mantra

There is a lot of talk withint the Obama campain about “change” from the current administration or status quo. However, we are not exactly sure what Obama means by change. Change, in itself, mean something different than what we are currently used to. Is change always good? Obviously not! You could say that Hitler offered change from the democratic Germany in the 1930’s. I am not saying that Obama is going to institute the radical ideas of Hitler, I am only saying that saying you are going to change things, does not always mean it is in the best interest of the country.

Lets face it, Obama is a radical backed up by the media as a moderate of sorts among the democratic party. However, when you look at his vp choice… Biden… you can’t help but think that Obama is using the term change falsely. Joe Biden is deeply entrenched in Washington politics and special interests. Obama only picked him as a vp to counterweight his inexperience with foreign policy. Now lets see…

Universal healthcare is certainly a change… but is it a good change? Look at Canada and the UK. They both have residents who flock to countries (such as ours) that have private healthcare so they can receive the care they need in a timely manner.

America was founded on the ideals that people can create their own future, their own wealth, their own lifestyle… based on their on hardwork. America was never meant to be a socialist state that caters people from the cradle to the grave. We already have European countries that do that, so why can’t we have a nation that isn’t like Europe? What can’t we have a pure capitalist nation that people can use to their advantage to fulfill their happiness? If people want to live in a country where the govt provides everything then why not go to Europe? Let America be what it is meant to be, and that certainly insn’t a socialist state.

The Democrats(socialists/some communists) have changed their platform since the 60s against the Republicans to make it look like they were for a colorblind America. How false this notion could be. Affirmative action is far from being colorblind party platform and taxing the successful (aka the rich, but not the rich who know to hide their money overseas)is only another examply of socialistic semi-communistic aspects of the democratic party.

In all honesty, the democrats need people to be poor… need people to be jealous… need people to be angry. What would happen if the people woke and realized that with a lot of hard work they could live the American dream. And if they were true American’s, they would donate their extra wealth to charities for the poor (which conservatives do by a huge margin compared to liberals). For those who are religious, Jesus said help the poor within your own abilities. The govt taking your money and giving it to the poor without your consent is not righteous. The government is not an entity that can transcend death and live in heaven.