Forget Bush, McCain/Palin are a new direction

It is already obvious. The democrats and the liberal media are going to do everything in their power to stop a McCain presidency and that includes simple classifications. The main point here is that right now our economy is hitting hard times with the housing market and the high oil prices. Since Americans are feeling these pains, the democrats are taking advantage of it and trying to frame it as a Republican induced issue (even though the economy has strongly rebounded since Sept. 11th thanks to the Bush tax cuts). I would hate to think what the economy would be like if Bush hadn’t gave us those tax cuts (I am a lower middle-class American btw).

Their main argument will be… “Look, the economy is going south while George Bush is the commander in chief. George Bush is a Republican and that is the same party that John McCain and Palin belong to! So therefor if you elect them the problems we have are only going to get worse because they will follow the policies of the Bush administration that got us into this mess!”

First of the, the Bush administration didn’t get us into this mess. The world oil market is mostly to blame… and you can blame Democrats and environmentalists for that problem more so then Bush. Keep in mind that the democrats have a decent majority in congress. McCain and Palin both want to decrease our dependency on foreign oil by accessing oil in our own territories! Sure Barack is slightly open to the idea (only because of 70%+ poll figures from Americans) but McCain also backs alternative energy in the long term. Yes it would be great if we could be energy independent outside of oil, but we don’t have the technology to do that right now! McCain’s approach would be to drill and give us the oil we need to be more independent while simultaneously developing alternative fuels. Alternative resources are the future, however… that future isn’t here yet… and we NEED oil. We don’t need a socialist president who beckons to the extremist environmentalists in his party and tells Americans to inflate their tires to reduce gas prices. Or perhaps rather get used to the gas prices and drive less.

The only argument the Obama campaign and all his allies in the media are going to use is that McCain is just going to continue the failed policies of the Bush administration. Well exactly “what” failed policies is he talking about? I wish his campaign would be more clear. The only failed policy I can see is that we aren’t drilling for more oil. If it comes to Iraq, I can’t imagine what a “failed” policy it would be to bring our troops home prematurely from an oil rich nation and have that nation collapse and drive oil prices up even higher and cause more economic downfall in our nation.

Bush has made many mistakes, but just because McCain belongs to the same party as him doesn’t mean things will be the same. Obama seems to want to have a policy like the Carter administration…. uh didn’t our country suffer under that too? Could we not say that Obama wants to continue the same old failed policies of the Carter administration?