"Confederate Flag" Removal Opens the Floodgates

Too much ink has already been spilled on this “Confederate Flag” nonsense.  The whole thing is a diversion by the Democratic Party and their media servants – a shameful attempt to turn a cold blooded murder into political points for a political party that cheerfully supports the genocide of black children in the womb.  To liberals, black lives only matter when it comes time to turn out the vote against the Republicans.  Otherwise, according to the Democratic Party and to paraphrase LBJ and the Daly machine in Chicago, blacks need to shut-up and vote as they are told.

The infuriating part of the whole sad tale is that Republicans are only too happy to play along with the Democratic diversion.  Instead of having a serious discussion about mental health, the nature of evil, or even the increase in violence against Christians; many Republicans would rather embrace their inner useful idiot and open the floodgates for the Democrats to rewrite history and choose the political and historical symbolism that fits their narrative.

Sensing blood in the water after the effort to remove the “Confederate flag” gained political traction, Democrats are now salivating over what other symbols to purge from the public square and use as a club to beat the Republican Party.  Apparently, the next to go are statues of Jefferson Davis.  [mc_name name=’Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’M000355′ ], under media questioning about statues in the federal capitol, has already announced that he supports removing Jefferson Davis from the Kentucky capitol.  In Texas, after someone “bravely” vandalized university property by spray-painting a statue of Jefferson Davis , the University of Texas at Austin has decided to form a committee and decide what to do with its statue.*

The primary reasons given for these attacks on historical symbols often boils down to the fact that some people find them offensive.  The problem is who gets to decide what is or is not offensive.  One would be hard pressed to find anything that did not offend at least some people.  Democrats, at this point are driving the agenda, and the list of offensive symbols to be removed will only grow in the days ahead.  Already, in Mississippi, another battle is shaping up to remove “Confederate symbolism” from the state flag.  More will come as the Democrats find fresh grievances to tout in the media and to question Republicans leaders about.

Offensive symbols that the Democrats and liberals support will be given a free pass.  Amazon, the enlightened bastion of liberal champion Jay Carney, has stopped selling “Confederate flags” yet they still sell communist themed merchandise.  They promote and profit from mass murdering cowards like Stalin, Mao, and Che without batting an eye.  So, why do those guys get a pass and others do not.  Why do liberals get to determine what history is acceptable and what is not?

The debate over the “Confederate flag” in South Carolina was a fools errand for the Republicans to engage in at this time.  No one seriously thinks – including the NAACP – that the flag caused the shooting.  No one seriously thinks that removing the flag will solve racial problems and stop the next shooting.  The Democrats fabricated the issue to push their own social agenda and to bash Republican voters.  The Republicans who embraced the fabrication have furthered the Democratic agenda.

*Hat tip to Bridget Johnson at www.pjmedia.com for reporting first on these developments.

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