Obama and the Hallmarks of Totalitarianism

Totalitarian:  a form of government in which the political authority exercises absolute control over all aspects of life.

The left under President Obama is quickly moving to create a totalitarian state that controls all aspects of our lives through Congressional legislation, Executive fiat, Judicial rulings, and Bureaucratic regulations.  Since his efforts bear some striking similarities to totalitarian regimes from the past, I thought it might be enlightening to take a closer look at those similarities.

The Hallmarks of Totalitarianism

First, totalitarian governments can and often are elected through a legitimate electoral process.  In many case they may hide their totalitarian agenda or lie about it in order to get elected but they are elected nonetheless.  For that reason, many on the left and some on the right will take exception to characterizing Barack Obama and the modern Democratic Party as totalitarian.  They will argue that, since Obama and his fellow Democrats were legitimately elected to office, it is the height of incivility to compare them with totalitarians.  Yet, we must remember that both Hitler and Mussolini rose to power through legitimate electoral means.  Even the Bolsheviks in Russia came to power after the overthrow of the czar through a quasi-legitimate electoral process.  Elections are merely the gateway to power and do not determine whether a government is totalitarian or not.

Second, the totalitarian government will often employ an army of street thugs to intimidate, silence, and even murder their opposition.  Totalitarians may utilize the thugs both before and after an electoral process.  Hitler had his Storm Troopers.  Mussolini had his Black Shirts.  Lenin used dissatisfied elements from the czarist army.  All three used these forces to quell opposition and to initiate crisis in order to create a demand for stronger governmental control.  In 1924, Mussolini had the leader of the opposition, Giacomo Matteotti murdered.  He then used the murder to further consolidate his position by pledging to restore law and order and find those responsible.  In 1933 the Reichstag [the German legislative assembly] building burned to the ground.  Hitler used the crisis to strengthen his position and suspended the rights of citizenry.

Mr. Obama and the modern Democratic Party also have an army of thugs that engage in intimidation.  We call them SEIU, various Union thugs, and the new Occupy Movement.  I wonder what these groups will be up to during the current election year.

Third, once in power the totalitarians will discard the constitutional bounds, the legal process, and even the electoral process that led them to power.  Hitler, Mussolini, and Lenin all worked outside of and in direct defiance of the law to increase their own power.  Under the current administration, we see the same thing happening.  Obama ignores the U.S. Constitution at will by going to war without Congressional approval [see Libya and Panetta’s recent remarks to Congress about Syria] and ignoring mandates set by Congress.  The Democratic Congress operated outside the law in passing Obamacare.  Justice Ginsberg went further and even lamented the fact that we have a constitution to might somehow limit the government.

Fourth, all totalitarian regimes will eventually attack the church.  Totalitarians cannot and will not concede that a higher power exists above the government itself.  The Obama administration has waged and continues to wage what Rick Perry termed a war on Christianity.  The most recent assault on the church is the “contraception issue” which really has nothing to do with contraception.  Obama and the Democrats will continue to press their assault until the church is silenced and the supremacy of the state is assured.  The church faces two choices:  fight or become subservient to the state.  It is not a new choice.  Napoleon, Mussolini, Hitler, Lenin, and Stalin all sought to make the state supreme.  In each case they wanted to make the church and the clergy swear allegiance to the state and to them personally.  In most cases the church fought back.  In those cases where the institutional church compromised, individual Christian continued the fight.  We call those men and women heroes.  Acts 4:19-20 should be the motto of every church in this battle.

Increasingly, conservatives face a growing totalitarian threat from the left, from the Democrats, and from the Obama administration.  We must recognize what it is, seek to understand its tactics, and respond accordingly.  To expose the totalitarian nature of the Obama administration and the Democratic Party will go a long way to rallying the American people against a “long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism….”