Ted Cruz, Obamacare, the GOP, and the road to 2016

Original post: Ted Cruz, Obamacare, the GOP, and the road to 2016

The Republican Party has no reason to believe that they are in any position other than way behind going into the 2016 presidential election.  Every people that they have put up on a pedestal as a potential candidate has been knocked off of that pedestal quickly.  Short list: Christie, Rubio, Graham, and even Rand Paul to a certain degree.  Since, I believe that Hillary Clinton will be running for the democratic nod, I think that the Republican Party has an uphill fight but it is a fight that they can win.

The republicans have been leaning on the statistics that show that a significant majority of Americans either are against Obamacare or at least are not sure that it is the best thing for the country in its current form.  This has been the case consistently since before the 2012 election and it was not effective in keeping Obama from being re-elected.  Much of that comes as a result of a lack of individual leadership and willingness of an individual to put his or herself on the line and stand in opposition.

Here is where Senator Ted Cruz comes in as well as opportunity for the Republican Party.  Senator Cruz has become the easy front runner in potential nominees for the republican presidential primary as a result of his leadership and stances on Obamacare this week.  He has been willing to take the media scrutiny and potential political hits that came as a result of his “filibuster” this week and and came out glowing.  He has done almost everything right to get the base excited.  He has challenged the left, made the media angry, and poked and prodded at John McCain.

The republicans have a real opportunity to regain some ground by supporting and encouraging support for the Senator.

What is it going to take to make that happen?  If Senator Cruz’s efforts this week go unsupported by the republican senators he will be viewed as having failed at his attempt to embolden the party and bring it together in unity to eliminate Obamacare.  Arguably, this will be the potential view even if he does get unanimous support from the republican senators and does not manage to turn some democrats against the health care law.

If the republicans allow a front running senator who has gained presumably the support of their base through his stances on, not only Obamacare but also, immigration, state’s rights, limited government, and the deficit, then they are deflating the motivation to support that individual and are going to set themselves back further in the 2016 presidential election than necessary.