Jim Breuer advocates for limits on gun rights on Opie and Anthony

On today’s Opie and Anthony show, Jim Breuer argued that gun rights should be limited, arguing that people aren’t responsible enough to own high power weapons.  Breuer stated that the belief that gun owner’s should be able to protect themselves from a tyrannical government was a ludicrous argument.

Show host Anthony Cumia argued that the very understanding that the government has that people have guns is a deterrent for the government to engage in pen-swiping legislation that can allow the government to target individuals.  Breuer then made a comparison to M-80 firecrackers and their limitation in many states.  Breuer stated that he approves of this type of limitation on the basis that some people may be irresponsible with the privilege.

Shortly before, Breuer had discussed Australia and a belief that the unintrusive government is something that American’s believe in and that we have had that taken from us.

The argument that people should have their rights limited on the basis of individual inability to handle responsibility is itself ludicrous.  Cumia’s argument that the government would be more hesitant to impede on the individual because of the multitude of gun owners is spot on and speaks to the realities of politics in the United States.  The second amendment is the means which protects the others.

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