Obamacare: Are you awake yet?

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So are you awake yet?  That is probably one of the most important questions we will all ask one another in light of this Obamacare ruling. Are you awake?

So many of us have forgotten the point of what we are doing and how we got here.  We are ignoring the fact that both parties are responsible for getting us where we are and that we were sleeping while they did it

The tea party, the grassroots conservative movement, the awakening of 2010, that didn’t happen because of the democratic party, not because of Obama.  Yes in part but mostly that happened because our beliefs weren’t being represented by the individuals who claimed to support and represent our values.

I have heard and read on social media people saying “Oh this is better for us because it will motivate more people to elect this regime out.”  That couldn’t be more wrong. That is treating the symptom rather than the problem.  The problem isn’t the people, the problem is the values that are being supported.   We have to continually encourage people to educate people about these values, the true values that we support are, the ideas that this country was founded on.  If we don’t start reaching out to people rather than worrying about elections, we’re going to lose… everything

After this Obamacare ruling, it is important that we awake one another, awaken ourselves and get active and motivated towards a goal of restoring true American values.  To have a ruling like this supported as constitutional, for me, calls into question the narrative that America is the most free nation of all and supports a limited government perspective.

We must do all that we can to protect our nation, regain our nation, and return it to the value and liberty driven purpose that it was founded on.

Wake up.