Boots on the Ground: Wisconsin Recap

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Having spent time up in Wisconsin for the last week, I have learned a great deal.  I have been working up here to educate individuals on why the policies that have been implemented with Wisconsin’s Act 10 and the work that Governor Scott Walker has done.

What’s important is to realize that there is an issue with having any candidate have to be concerned about a recall based on their implementation of policies.  Recalls are designed for crooks and criminals who are in office, not for polarized perspectives that have people driven to one end of the other.  The American people regularly complain that nothing is being done by government officials but allowing recalls based on a group of people who disagree on the policies is a certain way to ensure that even less is being done.

I have also seen everything from all over the spectrum.  An indoctrinated young lady, daughter to a police officer, who, according to her mother, is having her birthday cake for breakfast to celebrate her 6th birthday who informed my partner and I that “all Scott Walker wants to do is see the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.”  A woman that almost cried as she told us about how her mission work relates to Scott Walker’s policies.  I’ve been tracked by union cars and have been threatened to leave property.

Probably the most important thing that I have seen during my time in Wisconsin, short of cheese curds and butter burgers, is that every where you look, there is a help wanted sign.  I have been all over the state in areas from Marshfield to LaCrosse to Madison and Milwuakee.  Everywhere that we’ve been, I have been looking with purpose and have seen endless help wanted signs.

Wisconsin is at a 6.8% unemployment when the national average is a supposed 8.2%.  This Wisconsin fiasco is one of those situations where the proof is in the numbers and the entire situation is being politicized unnecessarily.

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