Effective Communication is an Important Key to Conservative Victory

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The ability to educate others is a skill that is honed.  Whether discussing the need for articulation, expansion and broadening on a topic that is relevant to others, or identifying the opportunity to speak to someone about issues rather than forcing political issues, a difference that can be similar to using a dull knife to press and saw through bread; It’s just going to squish and not be very appealing in the end.

I believe that the first, the need for articulation, is an area that conservatives are failing in on a daily basis.  Many conservatives speak in far too grandiose (yes I see the irony) of terminology and miss the audience with whom they are speaking.  That doesn’t mean to dumb down what you are saying because that is quite condescending to others and doesn’t prove that you are smarter than your counterpart, thereby validating your own point, but instead makes the person that you are speaking to stop listening, at which point you have begun to waste your breath.

Recently, I was told that there is nothing on my Twitter feed which proves that I am conservative which I, of course, found amusing and didn’t respond.  It is extremely important that conservatives are using tools like Twitter to advocate for particular issues but using them aggressively, posting monotonous headlines after headlines appears to be an assault on  your followers and defeats the purpose of trying to get the message out.  People stop listening, stop retweeting, and you begin to waste your time.

All of this isn’t to say that we should be more quite about our issues and beliefs.  Instead we should be more tactful and deliberate in our delivery, providing opportunity for an effective communication of that information and establishing a greater connection with those who may be listening.  Blathering on or poking people’s sensibilities to try to get a rise out of them doesn’t accomplish the same as a smooth articulation of your perspective, understanding, and solution to a given issue.

After all, look at Barack Obama.