The Impending Conservative Failure With the Loss of College Students

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We are getting towards an era of more connected and audible youth through the implementation of social media efforts. Young voters are typically more aware of the proper ways to utilize these mediums and are capable of making them work for their own purposes in establishing their view points and being heard. This has caused more of an identification of the college-aged individual than at any other point in history, resulting in backlash and an assault on these voices as inexperienced and not having a true-to-life education about issues and politics.

Every day on the radio you will hear hosts Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Neal Boortz, and Michael Savage have all at one time or another discredited or trivialized an individuals opinion because they are a college student.

I believe that it comes about because the current generation that has reached the point to where their age group has traditionally “run the show” feels as though their prominence is being stepped on.  More obviously, it is easy for the age engendered folks on the right are capable of defeating the vast majority of college leftist protest by calling their understanding of matters into question due to age.  That has worked very well against the Occupy movement and continues to do so against most local media, especially here in Southeastern North Carolina.

However, it should be clear that this is a grave error.  Eventually those multitudes of individuals that are being attacked, disregarded, or publicly disemboweled for the benefit of short term mundane victories will result in long term losses by disenfranchising these students, driving them away from the conservative ideals as dismissive and arrogant.  While the current generation of voters are heavily slanted towards the right, the coming generation of indoctrinated college students obviously lean towards the left.  Without providing this opportunity to communicate with these students by opening doors and avenues and by being less dismissive and standoffish, the conservative right will begin to fail and falter as the Reagan-era nation passes on.

I’m not saying that college students should be granted a level of respect that should be earned, but, instead, that they should be granted the opportunity to express their opinions in effort to provide a means of communication between seasoned individuals who will be able to better form and develop those opinions into more effective and productive ideas.   We should realistically consider what is being done on the left to communicate with these individuals.

I listen to Pandora on my phone every day, and every other commercial is one from the Obama 2012 campaign.  These individuals have embraced the college students, knowing that, with the giant push off that Obama has given, their generation will continue to bring about LBJ’s Great Society.