Dr. Truth's "The New Democrat" Exploits the Tea Party Movement



Today, at the North Carolina GOP convention, I was approached by an individual selling a book. The title of the book was “The New Democrat.” It was modeled in the style of a Dr. Seuss book and was authored by “Dr. Truth.”

Actually the book is authored by Loren Spivak of Massachusetts. He is the owner of “the Free Market Warrior” kiosk which had some controversy with Concord Mills Mall and has been written about in Charlotte Observer and other publications.

When Mr. Spivak handed me his book, I was excited to look at it. He was clearly presenting himself as a tea party activist and, in the spirit of the I Love America Unity Rally, I wanted to check it out. However, being an aware consumer, the first thing that I did was look at the publishing information. “Made in China.” I don’t buy my American flags from China and I definitely don’t by my pro-American activism literature from there.

When I returned the book to Mr. Spivak and told him why I wasn’t interested, he replied “Oh, I thought you’d be interested in capitalism.”

Many conservatives on the internet have taken this individual’s book and put it up on a pedestal. It has been listed as one of top 10 conservative collectable items and has been admonished as having significant merit because he was kicked out of the mall because he was selling conservative merchandise. When he was walking around showing his book to different people standing around, many were excited to see something they felt like they could show their kids and the connection to a childhood classic. Until they heard the price.

$20 for this book. Now I have absolutely no problem with someone trying to make money and to operate within a capitalist and free market society, but to come to a rally and sell your book that is Made in China, which couldn’t cost much. In fact, after looking around, you can have books printed in full color for $2.00 a piece from American companies, so I can only imagine how cheap they are from China.

To me, this seems like an opportunity for Loren Spivak to take advantage of the Tea Party movement as a means of selling more books, more speaking engagements, and making money off of the opportunity. I understand that he may have had some issues with the mall and that is unfortunate, but to exploit the people who are rallying behind one another and trying to support their own as a means of growing your own bank account cannot be allowed.

I overheard him mentioning to someone that he would be attending the Tea Party meeting tonight as well as future events. Oh, and he takes check and credit cards as well. This type of violation of our own principles and perspectives cannot be stood for. I cringed every time that I saw someone go into their wallet or pocketbook to get him a $20 that they had worked for and earned. That’s right, EARNED. This isn’t the left. We EARN our money and we don’t want to have it stolen away by some garbage conservative who has convinced everyone that he is worth investing their money in.

Know your products. Know what you’re buying. Don’t fly your American flags and paste your bumper stickers if they come from China. You are missing the point if you do. YOUR PATRIOTISM IS BEING EXPLOITED! Don’t let it continue!