Deacons Square Off For Congressional Seat

I don’t live in Alabama anymore, and I haven’t lived in AL-2 since I was 5, but I saw this today while researching another story, and I just had to sigh.

Rep. Terry Everett (R-AL-2) is retiring after serving 8 terms in the House. Bobby Bright, mayor of Montgomery, is the Democratic nominee to replace him, and Jay Love, a state representative from Montgomery, is the Republican nominee. Despite the fact that George Bush won in 2004 with 67% of the vote, and Everett won re-election in 2006 with 70%, the Cook Political Report rates this race as Lean Republican, due to Bright being an A-List candidate, the DCCC pouring money into the district, and a contentious Republican primary to replace Everett.

Here’s where it gets juicy.Bright and Love go to church together. Not only do they attend church together, they are members of the deacon board together. I would hate to be in that meeting.

At any rate, the DCCC has bought nearly $600K in TV time, and due to the geographic nature of the district, they’re going to get double for their money, as portions of AL-3 (rated Likely Republican) is within the Montgomery media market. Portions of AL-6 are also within reach, however, that’s considered a safe seat for the GOP. Jay Love could definitely use your help in combating the DCCC’s ad buy. Unfortunately, there’s no way to donate from his website: a glaring error in our age of technology. Hopefully, Love’s inability to harness the Intertubes is not symptomatic of the way his campaign is being run; otherwise, AL-2 could return a Democrat in November.

Source: Montgomery Advertiser