Alt. Universe: Ron Paul wins GOP Nomination, but then...

Why would the GOP, traditional Conservatives and sane people in general feel they must support Ron Paul vs. Obama???  Consider….

Ron Paul recently stated he would not support the GOP nominee if they did not agree with everything he believes.  By that he means an extreme George McGovern Foreign Policy, devoid of facts, reason and logic….this means everyone, outside maybe Huntsman will not get RP’s endorsement.

In 2008, Ron Paul refused to support McCain/Palin and on Sept. 10, 2008 he came out and supported the 3rd Party candidacies of Marxist-Anti-Semite Cynthia McKinney, Green Ralph Nader, Libertarian Bob Barr and crank Chuck Baldwin.  Instead of the GOP and McCain/Palin vs. Obama(who was much closer to Paul’s FP as a candidate).

Read it here:  http://www.ronpaul.com/2008-09-10/paul-baldwin-mccinney-nader-we-agree/

In 2010 and this year, the GOP House Caucus has had a Moritorum on PORK spending.  Ron Paul ignored GOP Leadership and loaded up on Earmarks.  He was 1 of only 4 House GOP
to request Earmarks.  Read more here:


I point this out, as we hear Paul supporters claim we have to support Paul in the laughable scenario of him winning GOP nomination.  Why exactly, in this alternate universe, would we support someone who does not support
Burkean Conservatism, and the Republican party?  Perhaps we could under this scenario, return the favor?  We can call it Ron Paul Blowback

The simple fact, and anyone with a Political IQ above Zero knows this, is under this scenario Ron Paul would be destroyed as a Candidate by the MSM, Obama and Conservatives in a quick manner.  All Obama would have to do is come out and read from the Ron Paul Newsletters and run some of his many insane views.  A wedge with Evangelicals could easily be played
by his writings on Social Issues if Foreign Policy isn’t enough, there is no way an honest Christian would support Ron Paul once they become fully familiar with his actual positions, record and writings here.  Many will find him worse than Obama.

What would happen, quickly, is the GOP would be destroyed and the DNC greatly stregthened.  A viable 3rd party candidate would emerge in what would become the new GOP and the sane would flock to it.  Paul would lose a 50 state landslide and Obama would win a 2nd term and be able to claim a massive Mandate for his policies(Socialism) and point to the destruction of the GOP and the lunancy of Ron Paul.  The MSM would have a field day and full blown Socialism ensues.