Paul campaign in a "Paid Russian Agent" FEC complaint


Devastating – the Ron Paul campaign who has gone on Russia Today for years now has had to cut ties due to a FEC Complaint filed.  See link above.

Enter Adam Kokesh – 9/11 Truther who Paul gave a max donation to last year in his run for Congress, and admits to being a “Paid Russian Agent” on the Russian Propaganda channel, “Russia Today” on which Paul goes on often to blast the United States foreign policy, criticize Israel while praising jihadist, has cut ties after an FEC complaint has been filed for Kokesh On-Air endorsement and campaigning for Ron Paul for President.

in other words:  A Foreign Govt. has financed a TV Network and show to Interfer(i.e. “Interventionism”) to promote Ron Paul for United States President.  This could get interesting, yet strangely the MSM and Conservative blogsphere is uninterested.

Also, its not just Russian State financed TV…..check out what Paul is doing on Iranian State financed TV:


In addition to getting major sympathetic coverage from Russia Today, which is funded by Moscow, the Texas congressman is getting rave reviews from Press TV, the channel funded by the Iranian regime.

Press TV contacted Accuracy in Media on Tuesday, looking for a guest for one of its programs to discuss why Republican Representative and presidential candidate Ron Paul is not getting more favorable attention from the U.S. media. Paul pleased the Iranian regime during the Iowa GOP debate by defending its pursuit of nuclear weapons.

Press TV ran a story under the long headline, “Ron Paul Censures U.S. policy on Iran.” The propaganda channel had previously run a story about his remarks in the debate under the headline, “Ron Paul blasts U.S. policy on Iran.”

In a “Quick Facts” entry, Press TV highlighted Paul’s views on Israel and the Middle East, noting that he opposed the raid to kill Osama bin-Laden and opposes U.S. aid to the Jewish state.

CAN SOMEONE PLEASE EXPLAIN WHY THE MEDIA and FOX NEWS are ignoring this???  Why aren’t we blasting Paul out of the GOP completely?  In our countries Past, Ron Paul would be tried and hung for TREASON, and this is no overstatement.