Paul targets Huckabee Social Con Voters?

To anyone who has actually read Ron Paul’s latest book, “Liberty Defined” and paid attention to the Social issues he wrote about, in addition to his call for Prostitution and Heroin legalization.  This is beyond Delusional


So Paul, who is lying by the way to voters in Iowa(see article), says in “Liberty Defined” which just came out for example that the Government should have no say in Marriage, and not only that, he says the First Amendment gives us the Liberty to define Marriage as we see fit.  Paul states in Liberty Defined that “All” consensual arrangements would be recognized in a “truly free society”.

He’s also lying to them about his views related to Israel, which are well documented to be anything but Neutral.  Just a year ago he strongly condemed Flotilla, he lied and told his supporters that Israel was “Starving” those in Gaza with the blockade.

And, in Liberty Defined Paul says this about Jews in regards to israel/palestine conflict:

“All jews do not endorse the violence used to displace the Arabs and Muslims and STEAL their land in the Middle East.” – Ron Paul, Liberty Defined

And thats not even the Chapter on Zionism….and he thinks he’s going to win Huckabee Voters?

Is he Insane and delusional?  Or does he think his current political spin will not be exposed by the Media and his opponents and he can convince Social Cons he really is Socially Conservative and a friend to Israel???