Tea Party, Racisim, Branding....Ron Paul and MSM

The Tea Party now has a problem looming, and pre-emptive action is necessary to prevent the Tea Party from having the label “Racist” and “Crackpot” permanently attached to it!

With the announcment of the vanity campaign of “Ron Paul 2012”, the MSM lead into it with a narrative(and lie) that Ron Paul is the “Godfather of the Tea Party”, of course this is absurd but when the MSM(and Fox News) repeat this over and over, it becomes true in the publics mind.

So, what was the first thing Chris Matthews ask Ron Paul about?  The Civil Rights Act of course, which he was prepared for atleast.  IMO, they MSM at some point this year when the public is paying attention, are planning on rolling out the “Ron Paul Newsletters”, his dancing with Truthers, Neo-Nazi’s, Alex Jones and all his wild, idiotic rantings to brand the Tea Party as extension, “Racist” and “Nuts”..

The last few weeks, African-American newsites have been bringing the Newsletters back up, see here:



and just today, over at The Atlantic the MSM is giving Ron Paul some first tier scrutiny this time around, with an article title:  “Does Racism Pay?”


The Tea Party and Conservatie leaders need to understand what is happening and publicly denounce Ron Paul ASAP.  This is vital to the future of this country, we can not continue to turn a blind eye to Ron and the Paultards, they are a clear and present danger and the MSM has started the ball rolling towards this end.

btw:  when Rand Paul supports and campaigns for his dad, where does this place him?