More on the AntiChrist

I can see that I am going to have to toughen up out here! I can’t believe how blistering people are blogging. But I am not going to back down. I’ll just refrain from my creative manner of expressing things and just be brutal right back. Some of you seem to just be looking for a fight! Maybe I got a little carried away, but the truth is – when I woke up this morning and saw the set-up for tonight’s show – it really did (and here is the key phrase you all missed) “remind me” of the Left Behind books and the rise in sudden unmerited popularity and charm Nicolae had over the people. As a writer – I expressed it that way, but I will be careful from now on to qualify my thoughts. And enough on that.

I thought this was a conservative site so I have just spoken like a life-long conservative. I do not understand how anyone can believe abortion is okay – Yesterday I heard Bob Casey refer to Obama’s position as “flexible”. Admittedly not knowing when life begins is flexible? Sounds like classic liberalism to me.

I do not worship anyone but God, and when I see people getting emotionally overwrought at a political event followed by Obama promoters positioning him as a Greek God – I’m sorry, but it concerns me that people get so caught up in the hype and the glitz and the showmanship. This is exactly what got Bill Clinton elected. And it blinds people from the truth.

I know many, many conservative people who refuse to watch the democratic convention. They just can’t stand it. And I too find it hard, to be honest; but I find that I must. It is painful for me to sit and listen knowing that 90% of what they are saying is simply not true, but that the less educated and more dependent people in the country believe the rhetoric with tears streaming down their cheeks. The country is not going to the dogs; I don’t care what the commentators say, the Clintons despise Obama; Biden is taking what he can get and feels lucky to do so; Bush is not to blame for the state of the world but only for standing by his beliefs whether they are popular or not; and we went into Iraq to get rid of a tyrant named Saddam Hussein who had been a thorn in the world’s rear for 2 decades. Bush did not lie; I’m sure he wanted to get Bin Laden just as much as we do but I don’t believe he didn’t try. And right after 911, everyone was ready to back Bush in a war he said would be unlike any before, against an unprecedented enemy, and that would not be short. Then less than 6 months into it – people started belly-aching. War is not for the squeemish. I don’t like war – but my grandfather fought in one and generations before and after me will fight them. I wish it weren’t true. Just today I saw a report that said the terrorists are “having a hard time finding suicide bombers” – Imagine that!

So to take the liberal view that America is the bad guy because we have enemies; and that it is okay to believe in God only when it’s convenient; and the Bible is outdated and not for today; and all the many other misguided ideas liberals come up with to justify taking our country so far left of center as to put us in danger – is very hard. I feel like I’m watching history repeat itself. I am an ancient history buff and the facts are – nations are overrun, governments collapse and societies fall into anarchy due to poor leadership. It has always been true.

I’m not saying Barak will crash the country single-handedly – but with the state of the world in which we live – we must have leadership that is aware; and we must be strong; and you can’t negotiate or discuss anything with lunatics. Obama is an idealist and he has no idea what he is up against. He will be a disaster as a president.

Probably most of you agree with this – but, again, I expect to be attacked – particularly from this someone named mbecker – oh well… maybe he (or she) is the real AntiChrist!