The Rising of the AntiChrist

This whole presentation of Barak Obama reminds me of the Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins’ Left Behind series, most specifically the Rise of the AntiChrist. I wish everyone would go back and read this fictional series and recall how close to reality the fiction of Jules Verne and other SciFi writers have come. The rise of the world’s rock star; the glimmer, the lies and deceit; the handsome over-comer who just 8 years ago, couldn’t rent a car because his credit card was declined. He is the great masquerader, supported by weak men who just want to touch him, who just want to be a part of his entourage. And Bill Clinton is jealous. Barak is what Bill wanted to be. You know, Bill just may show himself to be redeemed somewhere in this fiasco that has dazzled the ignorant and the godless. I believe Bill will wake up one day and say, “I’m not interested in being his lackey”.

Since Obama’s failures 8 years ago, he hooked up with William Ayers and the rest of Chicago’s underground; hung out in a racist church where men stand in the pulpit and curse like something out of the movie Slapshot. What kind of church – what kind of minister of God, curses in the pulpit and preaches using mockery and cruelty? How can even a liberal deem this godly in any way?

And this is whom the liberal wing of our country elevates to the forefront of politics. Can you not see what a fraud he is? Can you not see how dangerous he is? Barak Obama: young, charismatic, a great orator and an egomaniac that will stop and nothing. Right now he has no power but fame; but can you just imagine the kind of abuse he will wield as president of the free world?

I honestly believe that if he stood on the platform fully regaled with horns on his head and cloven hooves, the democrats would vote for him. They are the blindest and most misguided human beings on earth. They come out from underneath rocks to cast votes. They are gullible and predictable – read The Left Behind series or re-read it. It is so frightening to see this Obama man rise to popularity with absolutely no experience and nothing but charm. I pray every day people open his or her eyes and say ‘NoBama’.