Clarifying the AntiChrist entry

Okay, since clearly few understood the point – I’m sorry, I’m a marketing professional so I believe in an attention-getting headline!

I do not believe that Barak Obama IS the AntiChrist – what I was getting at is that this is the kind of garbage – spectacle, egomaniacal display complete with the throngs of adoring people thinking this man is the world’s answer to all our problems.

And to this even, to hear the democrats tell it, our country is in devastation. This is ridiculous! My life is good. I believe in God and country. The democrats however, as Ann Coulter says, are “godless”. Of course they call it progressive and they call it open-minded, but the truth is, the people who support the kind of government control and intervention the dems always bring about are people who do not want to work hard, who get frustrated and give up and who want the president and the government to take care of them. This is socialism.

It is not George Bush’s fault your orange crop died last year. I am tired of people carrying on like the American Dream is gone! It’s rididculous and anyone who thinks Barak Obama is going to fix it – is dillusional!

I am not going to go into a long theological debate over the coming of the actual antiChrist. That is not what I meant and while all of you panicky people take things so literally, I do think you should remember how glitz and glamour and money and power – and in this case, the craving of power – is addictive and this going towards a man who is undeserving of it, but instead, put here by men – powerful men – who railroaded Hillary (and I do not like Hillary, but she was railroaded) out of this nomination because she is an aggressive woman. And those same men have raised Barak Obama to a level to which he cannot live up to and it has become a spectacle of astronomical proportions that to someone like myself who has been behind the cameras and around the entertainment industry – sees it for what it is.

It is all BS and it is frightening that people are falling for it. Our society needs to BE CAREFUL!

I apologize that my anitchrist comment was taken so literally. But there are always signs of evil entering our world and it doesn’t come overnight – it oozes in slowly over time and snatches the masses who are unwilling to make the sacrifices for the real Savior but who will screm and cry in adoration of a lying politician.