Ted Cruz: Modern day Martin Luther of the coming GOP Reformation

I will not take sides, and I will try not to

show my bias as I recount occurrences

which began to unfold in Europe toward

the end of the Dark Ages.  During the

midst of the 14th Century, the Black

Plague struck Europe like the very fist

of God, and untold millions died.  After

the fact, the leading edge of a movement

began, and it grew from a tiny flame to a

near-all consuming fire.  To put all things into perspective, that movement was

a protest.  As a result, those who kindled and added fuel to the fires of change

became known as ‘the Protestants’ (as in ‘those who protested’). In brief, those

who protested were protesting against the alleged corruption and heresy being

practiced by officials of the Church in Roman, the Roman Catholic Church.

Those who protested wanted Church reform; therefore . . . the Reformation.

Martin Luther of Germany was one of the premier leaders of that Reformation;

in fact, many see him as having been the Father of the Reformation, essentially.

Now, I am going to drop the word ‘alleged’; I drop that word, because today, we

have another organization which stands in desperate need of reformation.  To

say this second organization has its protesters would be an understatement.  This

latter organization has spent almost three decades fanning the fires of anger which

now threaten to consume every aspect of its being.  I speak, of course, of the GOP,

the Grand Old Party, the Republicans.  Indeed, the angry masses are gathered at the

drawbridge, torches and pitchforks in hand.  Leading the mob is one who is not of

their kind; he is not even an officer in their forces.  He is ‘the Trumpster’!

The Trumpster is about to take their kingdom, their glory, their power, and their

riches, and the word goes out, “Who can stop the Trumpster?”

One by one, their military leaders fall in battle, and the angry mob only seems to

grow.  Now, with their ranks depleted, they have but three leaders left in the saddle.

They have General Kascik . . . well, he’s not actually in the saddle; he’s carrying his

horse, because his old steed has thrown a shoe.  And then there’s the newly promoted

general (previously a 2nd lieutenant), but General Rubio is all but out of ammunition.

Then . . . yes!  Those in the halls of power hate to be reminded, but . . . there’s the Eight

Ball!  He is really a lot like the Trumpster; he’s not really of their ilk.  He’s that despised

mercenary from the Kingdom of Texas . . . and they grind their teeth at the thought!  In

the recent past, they had tried so hard to court-marshal the man!  He was one of those

‘bitter clingers’ as their good friend, Knight Obama, had described him and his type.  And

yet . . . he was the only one left that had an army at his back, that despicable and uppity

General Cruz!

Still . . . they had a plan . . .

General Rubio has a date with destiny.  He is scheduled to do personal battle with the

Trumpster in a short period of time.  That battle will take place just to the south of the

castle, in the Province of Florida, during the Ides of March.  Those besieged dignitaries

in the castle plan to send the young general a trainload of gold.  They are going to do

their very best for him . . . but they are leaving nothing to chance.  On Sunday, two days

before that coming and final engagement, the powers of the shaky kingdom are going to

call a break.  At that time, they are going to check reports from their various intelligence

agencies, and, if needs be, they will reassess their entire battle plan.  He has not yet been

told, but General Rubio may have to go.

The powers that be may have to consolidate their forces, they will have to demote young

General Rubio and make him the executive officer (2nd in command) under General Cruz,

and they will then be able to present a united front against that villain, the Trumpster.

It is hard to imagine!  It is painful to imagine!  With him at the head of the combined

armies of the Establishment, they will probably win the war . . . but at what cost?

They have already heard the word.  It was leaked out of the camp of General Cruz.  The

Protester himself probably saw to it that the word was leaked.  They shutter to think!

Everything will be gone with the wind!  That dreaded word is . . . REFORMATION!!